Thomas Haynes Photoshoot | Barn Owls and others, 2013-2014
Created 15-Apr-14
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These owls were part of the rehabilitation at Clinch River Raptor Center. The Barn Owls were rescued as babies from an air duct in a construction dumpster. Their siblings were not alive and parents were gone. They spent from late September 2013 until April 13, 2014 at the center, learning to grow up, to eat, to fly and to hunt live prey. No animals are allowed to bond with humans when there is a chance of release into the wild. Released at an open farm on April 13, they flew into the late dusk into a natural life in the wild. We pray the Creator would give care and guidance to animals first timers to the natural land they are supposed to call home. We hope they have and will find abundant food and habitat. The photos begin with a barred owl and a great horned owl from early 2014.

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Look at the legs and talonsBarely awake, at dusk.

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