Hi, I am Thomas, professional a photographer working out of Clinton, Tennessee, a small town in the Knoxville-Oak Ridge area. Knoxville has the Lady Vols and Oak Ridge had the atomic bomb and now has research and tons of scientists; the nickname is "secret city" because it was a secret during WW2.

For your Business. Email me right away for business info packet and free sample shoot schedule sheet for commercial clients. You work to make your business successful. We use excellent photography to show potential clients how your business is good for them. Show your professionalism with descriptive images of your work and your staff. Professionalism and ability to do the job well helps clients choose you for their job. You want to do more than tell about your business… Show clients what you do, what you have done and can do.

We specialize in light Commercial, Job Site and small business marketing photos including businesses such as caterer or re-modeler. The commercial photography main site is here: http:/​/​/​www.​thomashaynesphotoshoot.​com/​

For Personal and Animal Photography. When your kids first rolled and played with the new puppy…when you daughter dressed up the kitten and smiled ear to ear with joy at this furry life, now part of her life…we emulate those times and capture living and life of your family and your pets, the everyday life you love and the true memories of today.

We work with you to put the “you” into exceptional photography at a location of your choice or at your home. Whatever you have in mind, what speaks of your heart, your loved ones and your play time, contact us and we will observe the scene and talk about what we can do to photograph the best of your lives.

Creative Nature. This is extra for anyone who wants to know a little more about us. A creative nature is a driving force and always has been part of our work. I write in my blog and am not so much of a writer as photographer. I did spend years as a professional jeweler, doing design and hands on production of creative items in precious metals and gemstones. All along, photography was part of my creative life and I became an adept photographer of jewelry, something many photographers would rather not do at all. It can be difficult work requiring careful lighting adjustment and involved editing.

With Personal photography, we might define “succeeded “or “got it that time” when in some magical manner you hold a pinch of emotion, atmosphere and circumstance in the photograph. If a photo will stir the heart like an old song, the photo serves its purpose very well. We try to do that...we try to help people laugh..to smile...to enjoy and recollect memories both happy and the other sort which are part of life yet still treasured. One emphasis of this work is photography of your pets and critters meaningful to you. One line is drawn: We work with you, pairing your thoughts with our technical and creative directions. We believe you will find the results worth it. If not, then you are out nothing. Yes, we do believe you will say "good" about working with Thomas Haynes Photography for your special images. We will talk enough about it and survey locations before a shutter is pushed. We should know if our direction is compatible before photography begins.

Outdoors, nature, your pets in action even if that means asleep, your kids at play or posed straight as an arrow..a family get together and more... look at what is here on this website to see a photography story better than a page of words can tell. We are an e-mail away and it can be yes, no, maybe but we sure don't know if you want us to do your photos unless we talk about it first..so contact is needed before you say "no" or "yes, lets get to it.”

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