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Cheryl leMarr(non-registered)
I am very excited to watch this site grow and expand...Your pics are so defined....I love the lines, the shadows, the colors, and most of all your choice of pics.....You truly have an eye and feel for whatever your subjects may be.......I will look forward to seeing more of your pictures in the near future
Elizabeth Isabell(non-registered)
Hello Tom I Love Your Web Sight !!!! Very sad that A H closed their doors. It was a life changing experience that I will forever cherish.
Rachael Nelson(non-registered)
I adore your animal photos. You have captured a quiet, yet personable spirit in their eyes, their demeanor. I love your effects..overall, Fantastic work. Thanks for sharing.
This is great and all of your pictures are wonderful....
Can't wait to see some more great pictures...
Thomas Haynes Photoshoot
My name is Thomas Haynes, the owner of this website. You will have noticed the site content is not pouring over the rim just yet...yes, this is under construction in that content will be added as suitable photographs and new galleries are generated through my business and personal artistic work.

Please consider contacting me and talking about photos you may want. I know what is offered is not the everyday fodder of mass marketing chain studios..those have a place to fill but that is not my work. I specialize in doing photography such as may be seen in my presently few galleries and posted images. I can do professional photos for eBay and auctions websites, specialized photos of a device or object you need in record, an object of art in your mind, family at play and animals. This is part of it. I am quite capable in many areas of photography but specialize in the more personal, the unusual and the memory of life being lived. Get in touch with any idea you have and we will talk about it.

Now, if you made it this far into the Thomas Haynes photo hosting site, go ahead and sign the guest book. Choose a public or private entry as you want.

God Bless and Peace. Thomas.
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