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Created 8-Dec-14
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Their home burned the time following that, a new home was built on the same location with a twist...a totally dramatic twist. Decor theme became modern industrial, with possibly a touch of "steam punk" in a corner. Gentlemen, do you recognize the kitchen cabinets? Think of the cabinet store, premier kitchen decorator supply... SEARS and yes those are tool cabinets.

The rest of the home captures the color theme of red and black with the "industrial" theme well represented throughout.

The photography was difficult. Rather than try to evenly light every part of ceiling with photo lights, we used the best color correction we could and decided to go with the bold colors sometimes seen in reflected color on lighter walls and ceiling.
After all, that is what is really there.

A wonderful selection of paintings and prints bring all toghther in a surprisingly peaceful way. The home looks industrial. It FEELS
very comfortable and is.

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