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Created 22-Jun-12
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Do you have photographs of your cooking specialties?? How often this man will bake a cake is not known. The secret is this: Unlike anyone he knows, there is a permanent record of the holiday dessert in fine photo prints and a slide show!

Is it too odd to ask a photographer to capture events like this one? If so, who would know who baked the delicious gingerbread? The record in photography is a personal memory for the baker more than anyone else. Mission accomplished.
i. Ingredients for gingerbread2. Peeling Ginger root3. Grating ginger root4. Gingerbread Wet Ingredients5. Melting Butter and Molasses6. Remaining Ingredients7. Honey and light syrup is a substitute8. Remaining to add9. Adding to mix10. Flour goes in portions11. Batter12. Clean up while baking13.More clean up14. Baking doneTh15. Out it comes, good gingerbread recipe16. Yummy gingerbread

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