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Created 6-May-13
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In 2011 we went a little north of Kingsport, Tennessee to Natural Tunnel State Park, Virginia. This is beautiful country in the heart of Appalachia. Trains need tunnels in these areas and nature provided one large enough for train passage through the rocky heart of the mountains near Duffield, Virginia. There is a cable shuttle to the bottom of a "canyon" to the tunnel, otherwise, you may take the stairs/trail to the bottom and catch your breath a time or two on the walk back to the top. The cable was out of order that day. The hike down and up was the only option.

The walk was worth it because of the many tiny scenes along the pathway: Wildflowers of late April in these Virginal mountains. Dwarf Iris, Larkspur, blooming Trillium with lovely flowers and more were along the path. The bottom where the tracks ran through the mountain was cool and comfortable, a pleasing and soothing escape from the city in the closeness of nature.
This is a great day trip in south west Virgina or from the Knoxville area of Tennessee.

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View above tunnelAlong ridge lineLooking down on DuffieldCables for broken shuttleStairs on trail to tunnelWild Dwarf IrisFlowering TrilliumFlowering TrilliumCatchflyLarkspurColumbineFlowering TrilliumCliff above tunnelRed-tail hawk above tunnelAfter decentTrain bridge at tunnel

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