Thomas Haynes Photoshoot | Educational Events, 2008-09, snapshot photos
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The Raptor Center fulfills two primary purposes: 1. Rehab for birds and efforts to return them to the wild, including providing a home for raptors not able to survive in the wild but otherwise healthy 2. Education of people of all ages about raptors, the purposes of these birds in nature and how to live around them in coexistence

In this process, healthy birds which cannot fly, see well or hunt to survive in nature are often trained as educational birds, presented as working members of educational programs. Programs in these photos include an evening "owl prowl" at a arboretum operated by the University of Tennessee, at a state park camp ground and a ladies club meeting. Many programs are given in area schools.
Secret City FestivalFounding LadiesScreech owl Sly is hidingSetting up, UT Arboretum Owl ProwlBarred Owl MarthaBarred OwlBarred OwlBarred Owl, night shotLadies Club, Screech Owl PeanutRed-tailed hawk MildredScreech Owls Peanut and SlyDowny Layer feels warmBlinky, Barred Owl, crossed beakSetting up, Norris Dam ParkBird Carrier

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