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Created 10-Sep-14
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Converted JPG (the other gallery of your photos) contains large print size files which are not downloadable at this time. These are the clearest to view on your screen.
Web Sml is small files suited to Facebook and website use. These are too small to print a decent image.

You may download files from this gallery now open. The stipulation here is that my copyright and name must stay on the photo. This is the advertising my business gets from doing the photos and providing images for you. Prints will not have the © text but will have a quite small th initial in a lower corner.
We said 4 but with several nice photos in the lot, we have decided to give you 5 photos in print size files and as prints. The group photo is an odd size, 10in x 7 in, and if you choose that for your prints our photo lab will do it. The odd size fits the shape of the group better than standard sizes. Photos are cropped for best imaging with the subjects. Most will be in the 7x5 range and the photo of the doctors is cropped to 14in x10in. If I get a chance I will fill in the sides with bricks to make a cleaner background.

Any good word of mouth you may give our business will be greatly appreciated. I will drop by a few cards with the business information. By all means, if you like these photos, please say so!
Not part of clinic set..pretty baby, took photo.

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