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Created 21-Jun-12
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Personal Photos? Yes, that, too: The people, the animals, objects, places and events of your lives rendered in fine photos. Your memory is well contained over time. Email today for a packet of information.

We can talk about it and plan how best
to gather your memories into enduring high quality photographs. Email us directly, then we meet and talk it over so everyone is clear on how to best match what you want with our work.

A fallen poplar flower becomes art in a photo. A horse runs and plays. This horse is a companion on the trails and a friend well cared for, as is the dog fresh from a swim in the lake. The cat is a rescue and was a perfect kitty for her too short time on earth. The smaller kitty on his side is a rescue, living here with his brother blue cat. Other objects are simple still life photos of a different sort, of memory combined in one view. Each photo here holds meaning to someone. Thomas Haynes Photography does not do weddings. That is true.

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Tulip Poplar Flowers and Pebble

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